This website is dedicated to adventurers who want to explore Santa Barbara county by bicycle. You’ll find information on bike tours, bike shops, great rides, bicyclist-friendly places to stay, where to rent a bike, and lots more. Below are some upcoming bike tours and events that you might consider, plus lots of reasons to get around by bike.

Hang on tight, you’re going to love this ride.


Santa Barbara county has some of the best biking in the US. It has a Mediterranian climate that’s perfect for year-round outdoor activities. There are 78 miles of Pacific coastline, mountains rising over 6800 feet, and a healthy serving of Los Padres National Forest.

Great Climate. Temperatures rarely go below freezing, or above 80º F, and what rainfall occurs comes during the winter. Major cycling teams come here for early season training because of miles of rural roads and serious mountain climbs. Tour operators offer bike rides, bike clubs welcome visitors, and major road rides attract thousands each year.

Where is Santa Barbara county? We’re tucked into the southwest corner of California, 100 miles from Los Angeles, 300 miles from San Francisco.

Maybe bike here? Naturally we think you should bike to get here. We’re on Adventure Cycling’s Pacific Coast Bike Route that their excellent touring maps can help you navigate.

Consider Amtrak. Their Pacific Surfliners ply the coast between San Diego and San Luis Obispo, featuring roll-on bike service at all stops. Just hang your bike on one of the coach racks. For longer trips, box your bike. Or ship it to a local inn or bike shop for storage or assembly.

Want to fly? Santa Barbara’s airport has nonstop flights from five cities, and one-stop from just about everywhere else. Los Angeles is an international hub. You can catch a short flight from LA to Santa Barbara, or take the frequent Airbus. From Burbank airport, you can walk outside the terminal and climb on board an Amtrak Surfliner train.