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The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition was founded in 1991, and for over two decades has been an advocacy and resource nonprofit serving Santa Barbara county. Their newsletter Quick Release deals with all kinds of topics. You might find it informative to simply read back issues, or maybe use our website search utility above for specific details. While we list only the headline topic in the list below, each issue has 5-20 other topics. Click on a date to view an entire issue in Adobe PDF format.
JAN 2010    Coalition hires Education Coordinator
FEB 2010    Santa Maria Council approves bike plan
MAR 2010    Green Shorts video contest
APR 2010    Ed France is our Executive Director
MAY 2010    CycleMAYnia takes the stage
JUN 2010    CycleMAYnia put bike culture into gear

JAN 2009    Village Dirtbags give bikes to kids
FEB 2009   Lance, Levi & Floyd to race in Solvang
MAR 2009   Bicycling is scorching topic in media
APR 2009   UCSB presents transportation challenge
MAY 2009   Bike Week 2009 rolls in May 16-24th
JUN 2009   Bicycling classes and workshops surge

JAN 2008   Coalition formalizes Bici relationship
FEB 2008   Cycling Tour returns to SB County
MAR 2008   Coalition supports 101 bikepath
APR 2008   Ballot Measure A—what’s in it for us?
MAY 2008   Bike Week 2008 is sprinting our way!
JUN 2008   Bike Week accelerates bicycling

JAN 2007   Looking back and pedaling ahead
FEB 2007   Cycling Tour returns to SB county
MAR 2007   Cycling surges in Santa Barbara county
APR 2007   County presence at DC Bike Summit
MAY 2007   Coalition stokes Bike Week activities
JUN 2007   Coalition filled Bike Week with events

JAN 2006   Looking back while sprinting ahead
FEB 2006   Tax opportunity window shuts in April
MAR 2006   Tax proposal promising for bicyclists
APR 2006   Tax proposal enters final stretch
MAY 2006    Bicyclists score big with Measure D
JUN 2006   Bike Week raises bicycling awareness

JAN 2005   Coalition begins 15th year of advocacy
FEB 2005   Government says “exercise more”
MAR 2005    Coalition addresses bicycling in Goleta
APR 2005   Adult Ed class offered by Coalition
MAY 2005   Willie Weir returns to Santa Barbara
JUN 2005   Bike Week succeeds with many events

JAN 2004   2003: a year of accomplishment
FEB 2004   County names “The Obern Trail”
MAR 2004   Bicycling symposium features Mayor Blum
APR 2004   Coalition pursues Santa Ynez Trail
MAY 2004    Bike Week expands its boundaries
JUN 2004   Thank you for Bike Week 2004

JAN 2003   2003 starts with three Coalition reports
FEB 2003   Bike Week 2003 is taking shape
MAR 2003   Coalition pursues Santa Maria trail
APR 2003   UCSB & County plans effect bicyclists
MAY 2003    New Bike to Work Day sites added
JUN 2003   Coalition’s Bike Week celebrates bicycling

JAN 2002   SBCAG approves bicycling projects
FEB 2002   Bicyclists respond to anti-bike article
MAR 2002   Bikepath along railroad reconsidered
APR 2002   Will new Goleta be bicyclist-friendly?
MAY 2002   Bike Week 2002 is May 18-26th
JUN 2002   Bike Week brings out…bicyclists

JAN 2001   T*E*N Y*E*A*R*S
FEB 2001   New Fairview bridge opens in Goleta
MAR 2001   Bike Week 2001 seeks sponsors
APR 2001   Lompoc petitions for safer bike conditions
MAY 2001   Lompoc bike/ped bridge to open
JUN 2001   Bike Week successfully promoted bicycling

JAN 2000   Coalition leaps into 10th year of advocacy
FEB 2000   Published bike articles increase for 8th year
MAR 2000   Bike Week 2000 Committee expands activities
APR 2000   It’s time for MTD to put bike racks on all buses
MAY 2000   Enjoy Bike Week 2000 May 13-21
JUN 2000   Events fill Bike Week 2000

JAN 1999   Coalition leaps into 9th year of advocacy
FEB 1999   Bike projects head to SBCAG for funding
MAR 1999   Bike racks installed on MTD’s Nova buses
APR 1999   SBCAG considers bikeway projects on April 15
MAY 1999   Earth Day brings bike ambience to hundreds
JUN 1999   Bike to Work Day attracts multitudes in County

JAN 1998   1998: Year of the Bicycle !
FEB 1998   Bike to Work has ’98 logo, needs coordinator
MAR 1998   Transferred funds will help bicyclists
APR 1998   Pedal-powered transportation for businesses
MAY 1998   Bicycle Coalition expands Earth Day operation
JUN 1998   Bike to Work ’98 sets records

JAN 1997   Looking back & ahead as we start 7th year
FEB 1997   Bike to Work volunteers to celebrate bicycling
MAR 1997   Residents speak out for Goleta bicyclists
APR 1997   Bikeway inclusion possible in Regional Plan
MAY 1997   Bike to Work events reward bike commuters
JUN 1997   Bike to Work events attract 1700

JAN 1996   Bike projects may receive 71% TEA funding
FEB 1996   Public invited to CABO ride and meeting
MAR 1996   RRM & Biesek selected for bikeway signage
APR 1996   Coalition proposes major bike conference
MAY 1996   Bike to Work Day events planned on May 16th
JUN 1996   Rain deters many Bike to Work Day riders

JAN 1995   Coalition sprints into 5th year of advocacy
FEB 1995   Flooding spares roads, but washes out trails
MAR 1995   US DOT may slash bike and transit funding
APR 1995   Bicyclists get funding new Goleta plan
MAY 1995   Bike to work May 4th
JUN 1995   Bike to Work Day was a spectacular success

JAN 1994   Coalition looks at 1994 progress & challenges
FEB 1994   National Bike Month events being planned
MAR 1994   Alternate transportation study invites input
APR 1994   $2.8 million slated for bike projects
MAY 1994   Bike to Work Day on May 17:just do it
JUN 1994   County proposes bicycle projects for funding

JAN 1993   Proposal for new Sports Track to be presented
FEB 1993   Sport Track maybe derailed at Ellwood meeting
MAR 1993   Council delays action on Shoreline bike lanes
APR 1993   Cyclists win Shoreline Drive lanes
MAY 1993   Widening of US 101 challenges priorities
JUN 1993   Extended input on 101 widening may help us

JAN 1992   SB Bicycle Police come to our SBBC meeting
FEB 1992   Earth Day is discussed at January meeting
MAR 1992   SBBC Earth Day exhibition takes shape
APR 1992   SB County awarded $462,000 for bike facilities
MAY 1992   Booth at Earth Day attracts hoards of cyclists
JUN 1992   SB city gets $90,000 from bicycle account

NOV 1991   Bicycle Coalition brings vitality to advocacy
JUL 2010    New study for Old Town Goleta
AUG 2010    South Coast high schools will roll
SEP 2010    Film Festival comes to Santa Barbara
OCT 2010    Realtors see bikepaths in their future
NOV 2010    Tour of California returns to Solvang
DEC 2010    Holiday bike programs flourish

JUL 2009   Bicycling jumps 16% in Santa Barbara
AUG 2009   Programs and events forge our future
SEP 2009   Walk & Roll comes to South Coast kids
OCT 2009   Roberts envisions new Carpinteria trails
NOV 2009   Bike commuting increases in SB & SM cities
DEC 2009   Cycle MAYnia coming May 2010

JUL 2008   Are gas prices boosting bicycling?
AUG 2008   Bicycling is part of Plan Santa Barbara
SEP 2008   Highway 101 bikepath in jeopardy
OCT 2008   Walk/Bike Forum coming October 18th
NOV 2008   Teach kids safe biking, says John Pucher
DEC 2008   Measure A soars with 79% approval

JUL 2007   City of SB awarded bikepath funds
AUG 2007   Why not a South Coast bike program?
SEP 2007   Goleta officials pledge safer Old Town
OCT 2007   Coalition seeks safer 101 bicycling
NOV 2007   Measure D—one more chance
DEC 2007   Missing UCSB bikepath link wins funding

JUL 2006   GVCC funds Bicycle Coalition projects
AUG 2006   Challenge gets more people on bikes
SEP 2006   Measure D renewal—why vote for it?
OCT 2006   Community shaken by Jake’s death
NOV 2006   Bike-friendly Measure D—now or never
DEC 2006   North County off-road biking is promising

JUL 2005   GVCC supports bicycling community
AUG 2005   Team Bike Challenge is great success!
SEP 2005   Voters favor bicycle facilities over wider 101
OCT 2005   Coalition develops position on Measure D
NOV 2005   Coalition brings Cole to speak locally
DEC 2005   Tour of California coming Feb 24-25th

JUL 2004   Bikeway projects are funded
AUG 2004   101 In Motion—where’s the bicycling?
SEP 2004   Supervisors approve Santa Ynez plan
OCT 2004   Bicycle component for Measure D?
NOV 2004   Coalition seeks funding for Trail Stop
DEC 2004   County may cut back bike staffing

JUL 2003   1350 students celebrate biking to school
AUG 2003   Coalition pursues Ellwood bikepaths
SEP 2003   Coalition calls for “The Obern Trail”
OCT 2003   Coalition keeps bicyclist access
NOV 2003   Ortega Hill path gets SBCAG boost
DEC 2003   Coalition buys Fernando a bike

JUL 2002   Why I love to bike commute
AUG 2002   Bicyclist counts show little change
SEP 2002   Coalition barbeque brings us together
OCT 2002   Study shows bikes second only to cars
NOV 2002   Isla Vista plans for transportation
DEC 2002   Tailwinds helps North County kids

JUL 2001   Kids love school class bike celebration
AUG 2001   Why is Westside SB bicycling declining?
SEP 2001   Safe routes to school programs
OCT 2001   Fourteen bike projects seek funding
NOV 2001   Quick Release begins second decade
DEC 2001   Nine bike projects are recommended

JUL 2000   Bike commute winners
AUG 2000   “Kids on Bikes” program established
SEP 2000   Bike medics serve Fiesta
OCT 2000   Board looks toward future at Retreat
NOV 2000   SB proposes projects for bike transportation
DEC 2000   Meetings kick off Safe Routes to School project

JUL 1999   Robert Bernstein is new Coalition president
AUG 1999   North County bike projects near completion
SEP 1999   Our “Decide to Ride” video is wonderful
OCT 1999   Bicycle Coalition competes for CREF funds
NOV 1999   Y2BIKE activity planning for 2000 progresses
DEC 1999   Bicycling to school is safety & health issue

JUL 1998   TEA-21 transportation act offers more for us
AUG 1998   Pro Bike/Pro Walk 98 is coming our way fast
SEP 1998   Welcome to Pro Bike/Pro Walk 98 !
OCT 1998   Pro Bike is a great success !
NOV 1998   City of Santa Barbara nourishes bicycling
DEC 1998   Earth Force offers bicycling program for youth

JUL 1997   Gary Wissman is new Coalition President
AUG 1997   Highway 101 helps motorists, but blocks us
SEP 1997   SB Council reaffirms bike lanes for State Street
OCT 1997   Wissman proposes Bike Blitz ’98
NOV 1997   BFA’s Burgess & Rath to visit Santa Barbara
DEC 1997   SB Circulation Element envisions better future

JUL 1996   Transportation consultant Kulash speaks to us
AUG 1996   SBCAG directors sweep aside bikeway projects
SEP 1996   Bicycle Coalition helps win Pro Bike conference
OCT 1996   Coordinator hired for SB youth bicycle project
NOV 1996   Bicycling programs attract youth
DEC 1996   Funding sought for 13 bicycling projects

JUL 1995   Bike projects to reduce vehicle pollution
AUG 1995   Alt transportation instead of 101 widening
SEP 1995   Caltrans has ongoing contact with bicyclists
OCT 1995   Bicycle Coalition gains nonprofit status
NOV 1995   Funding for alternatives defeated by SBCAG
DEC 1995   Bike projects contend for CREF & TEA funding

JUL 1994   Public workshops for Regional Bikeway Study
AUG 1994   Regional Bikeway Study approved
SEP 1994   Hubbell is new alt transportation person
OCT 1994   $6 million claim is filed against County
NOV 1994   Goleta bicycle plan received by Commission
DEC 1994   North Jameson improvements get $160,000

JUL 1993   South Coast study may be funded
AUG 1993   We need your help to fight for local bicycling
SEP 1993   SB City considers Proposition 116 money
OCT 1993   Bicycle planner Ryan Snyder in SB in October
NOV 1993   Six groups apply for alt transportation study
DEC 1993   Bicycle Coalition to become non-profit

JUL 1992   Coalition to help Ride Against Drinking Drivers
AUG 1992   Coalition considers officers at August meeting
SEP 1992   Trisha Davis elected president of Coalition
OCT 1992   Goleta master plan concerns bicyclists
NOV 1992   Letters from bicyclists will help 116 funding
DEC 1992   American Bicycle & Cycling Museum in Solvang

DEC 1991   SB Bicycle Coalition meeting defines goals