There are lots of ways to find existing rides or craft your own in Santa Barbara county. You can do them by yourselves or join others. You can spend money for help and comfort, or rough it instead. Consider the following possibilities.


Do-it-yourself rides

We offer you eight road rides in the Santa Barbara and Solvang areas that you can view online and print if you wish. They describe features to see along the way, contour maps showing how much climbing to expect, and a route list with all turns and mileages.

On the left: the Goleta tour leads you through the University of California Santa Barbara campus where over half the undergrads use bikes to travel each school day.


Bike Tours

Several bicycle touring companies offer a range of organized tours ranging from economy to luxury, from easy to challenging.

On the left: Cyclists from the Bike and Build program celebrate their arrival in Santa Barbara after finishing a cross-country tour.


Mountain Biking

Little of our county is flat. Mountains rise to 6800 feet, much of that in Los Padres National Forest, offering numerous trails and fire roads for day rides or longer self-contained camping trips.

On the left: BIkers enjoy ocean and mountain views from atop Elings Park in Santa Barbara.


Cycling through

Perhaps the most frequently asked question coming our way is “what’s the best bike touring route through your county?” We have a few suggestions that depend on the time of year and your adversity toward climbing or going off road. Check out the alternatives

On the left: Those biking on Foxen Canyon Road will get views like this.


Bike club rides

There are 15 bicycle clubs in Santa Barbara county that organize rides on regular days, plus some longer special rides.

On the left: Goleta Valley Cycling Club members out for a ride. Photo by Robert Young.



Google map rides

In 2010, Google introduced a bike route option to car and bus rides on its free Google Maps service. It’s under continual improvement as conditions change and people email suggested changes.

On the left: Google Map results of a bike route between Santa Maria and Lompoc