Do-it-yourself rides

We’ve put together eight rides that you can print out and follow any time, or use Ride with GPS. Two take you to locations of Sideways that was filmed in the Solvang area. One is in Goleta, three in Montecito, and two around Santa Barbara.

All the rides assume that you are comfortable riding with traffic. They are not for beginners or young children on their own bikes. Most of the travel is on quiet streets and roads, on streets with bikelanes, or on bikepaths separate from traffic. Obey traffic laws and exercise common sense and caution when bicycling.


Santa Barbara Bicycle Ride. 10.8 miles long. This ride takes you through the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara. It passes the magnificent County Courthouse, city parks, and the old Santa Barbara Mission. You’ll ride in bikelanes most of the way, and cross Highway 101 on a bike bridge. The ride ends with a three-mile downhill ride with sweeping views of the mountains, ocean and harbor. Route

On the left: the old Santa Barbara Mission, still an active Catholic church


Mountain Drive Bicycle Ride. 15.9 miles long. Not for flatlanders, this ride takes you up 800 feet above Santa Barbara for spectacular views from winding Mountain Drive. Watch for the very special mailbox at 1550 Mountain Drive. Descent passes through upscale Montecito with gated estates, historic hotels, and dining opportunities. You return to the start past Santa Barbara Cemetery, the Bird Refuge, and East

On the left: way above the city and ocean, the views are spectacular. On clear days you can see the Channel Islands 25 miles off shore.


Goleta Bicycle Ride. 21.2 miles long. This fairly flat ride starts at Goleta Beach County Park, east of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). You’ll pass through the University, quiet residential areas, lemon and avocado orchards, La Cumbre shopping center, and return to your starting point by riding for miles on the Obern Trail bikepath.

On the left: the Goleta tour leads you through the University of California Santa Barbara campus where over half the undergrads use bikes to travel each school day


Santa Barbara Streets & Paths Bicycle Ride. 22.4 miles long. This ride takes you through Downtown Santa Barbara, passing historical buildings. You will ride on different bike-laned streets and enjoy several mles of bikepath. You’ll ride through the exclusive Hope Ranch area. Be sure to pull off for the commanding view of the Ocean and Channel Islands from 200 feet above the surf just outside Hope Ranch. Watch speed on downhills. End the ride with a swooping downhill on Shoreline Drive back to the Dolphin Fountain.On the left: the Natural Cafe is just one of dozens of outdoor dining locations along State Street. Park your bike in view and watch the passing parade of people